Organizing our life into suitcases

Well the day has finally arrived. Since July we have been anxiously awaiting the news of our move date. Early Friday morning, just as the sun was coming up we received  the news  via email. We would leave Bathurst on December 1 arriving in Nouméa, New Caledonia on December 4th. The news was met with mixed emotions, relief that we were finally going but the reality that we will have to say goodbye to all our family and friends. Having lived in Bathurst basically my whole life the news had me start thinking about all the things I would miss. I was becoming one of the friends I know that come home and wanted to eat Danny Burgers, Donairs and Poutine. As I strolled through the grocery store I also realised that I would no longer know anyone in the grocery store nor would I recognize any of the labels. How would life change and how would it stay the same?

Later that day we began the task of packing our lives into suitcases. What should we take? What should we leave? What will we need? Well three suitcases later I have accepted the idea that some things are just not core. It made me ponder what really is important. As cliché as it sounds, as long as we have each other we will be fine.

Well off I go, time to get packing!


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