Our first Saturday morning


Keith and I were both anxious to begin living a regular life again. Our last few months seem to have been a blur of forms, suitcases and lists. Although we arrived in Koné on Thursday we were definitely ready for Saturday.

We woke up early, 5 am as it seems a lot of people do here. The sun is high in the sky by then so it only seems natural to be up and on the go. This morning was sunny and cool( a cool 21) so we opted for breakfast on the patio. After enjoying our coffee, toast and some fresh fruit we were ready to tackle our Saturday morning.

All buckled up in our rental car, a cute white Volkswagen Golf, we set of to do our shopping. The thing that I have learned quickly here is that shopping is never a one stop affair. We went to three grocery stores, a hardware store and a market. Most of the stores were open as we drove in at 7am. First stop, we managed to find pears, pineapples and carrots. Second stop…right across the street; a cucumber, lemons, clothes hangers, petit pain au chocolat and wine! Then to the hardware store for $12 laundry baskets! Then on to the Koné Discount for a variety of interesting things. The Discount hours are posted on the door, opens at 7:30 but that seems just to be a suggestion. It opened around 7:45. Our last stop was an outdoor market where the nice vendor showed me how to eat a lychee and we found radishes and onions. 

Finally with our trunk full we headed home. The heat had begun it was 8:00 am and 27! It felt good to do our shopping as a family and to come home with little else to do. As we drove in our small car back to our smaller house I was pleasantly surprised how the simple things here made me so happy.  After months of worrying, would we be okay, I realised today we are really quite content.


One thought on “Our first Saturday morning

  1. It is amazing how quickly we realize that the “things” that we’ve been unable to live without seems utterly unimportant once we move away. We learn to live simply and we are happier as a result; family is all that matters. Home is where the heart is….

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