Ten pleasant surprises

As I said before, when we were preparing to move I was worried. Would we be okay? How would we adapt? Would we be happy? Well as you can probably already tell, all of those worries have been put to bed. We are quite content and while there are moments that you miss your friends and family, the majority of the time we are pretty pleased with our decisions.


So here is the top ten great things thus far:
#1- Sunshine and no snow!
#2- Fresh baguette every morning
#3-Cheap and nice baby wipes!
#4-Beautiful beaches
#5-Cheap wine!
#6-big patio (with mountain view)
#7-No traffic lights
#8-Gas stove
#9-Bigger yogurt cups
#10-friendly and helpful people!
I am sure I could go on and on ( so unlike me!) but I will save those for another day! So enjoy your Monday or I guess Sunday for most of you!
Bon dimanche!


2 thoughts on “Ten pleasant surprises

  1. You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. I visited Katie yesterday with Tandi and mentioned we will probably never see her children now that you have moved. Embrace you new life and friends, but don’t forget you blog. It sounds and looks beautiful.

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