Heavy rain?

Heavy rain?

Last night I awoke to the sound of pounding rain. It lasted a few minutes and I quickly went back to sleep. This morning there were showers off and on, but nothing major. Keith left for work in the morning and we went about our day.
When Keith returned from work and told me the road was flooded. We were on our way to look for a car so off we went in the little Golf. Sure enough just around the bend there were cars everywhere! They were parked, people were standing on the side of the road and up ahead you could see it… well not really the road was covered in water. We waited a while and after watching a little Citroen cruise through we decided to go for it. We made it through and did our shopping. The rain started coming down hard so we decided to cut our errands short and head home.
Oddly enough on the way back there seemed to be less water. But rain…OMG, it poured and poured! The rain was heavy and continued for over an hour.
Surprisingly the best thing about today’s rainfall was not the adventure, or watching Seth point at the rain falling in sheets but it was the phone call I received from the mine, asking if Keith had made it home okay!
Another day, another pleasant surprise. I like this place, rain and all!


One thought on “Heavy rain?

  1. In Australia, you will see measuring sticks along the road to show drivers how high flash flood waters rise during rainy season. Cars have tubes connected to them – they look like snorkling tubes – to prevent motors from dying in flood waters. Interesting weather for sure but a real adventure.

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