BBB, the triple threat

breadBread, Butter and Brie,
Ahhhh! When all of them taste sooo good and are so readily available it’s hard not to over indulge. Everyday, no matter what supermarket I go to it’s filled with the sent of fresh baked bread. And every morning I fall for it! There I am buying a baguette. And what do I do with this sweet baguette? Well what else? I put salty French butter on it. And if I am already eating this lovely white baguette with salty butter then why not add a slice of Brie? All the cheese here is so amazingly cheap. A triangle of brie at home is close to $10, here..$2-3! And if I am going to eat bead with butter and brie, then the perfect thing to wash it down with is red wine! I am in so much trouble! I better start running!


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