Buying a car

One of our first purchases on the island besides food and household items is a car. Before we moved I had grandiose ideas of my new fabulous car. Upon arrival I realised that almost all the families had one of two vehicles, a Kia or Hyndai SUV. So we asked around to find out why. Turns out they can be fixed it Koné instead of Nouméa and then are reliable for the sometimes dirt roads to beaches. Well, when in Rome…you get the idea.
Buying this car was an adventure and there were many ups and downs. It took 5 days to buy the car and it was not due to lack of trying. First we test drove a couple. Then we chose one, white ( not Keith’s favourite) standard ( okay for both of us, thanks Dad for teaching me to drive stick!) and diesel ( or as the pump says gazole)
Next step, actually buy the car! Well with a lot of calls, emails, sending stuff back and forth we had the money wired to here! Next step, wait 5 days for cheques for new bank account to arrive, bc the bank card takes 3 weeks! Step 3 negotiate the deal, done by me in my second language with Seth on my lap! Step 4, get all appropriate documents. This make take two trips home because you misunderstand, lol. Step 5, go get insurance for vehicle. Step 6, return to dealer with insurance card. Finally, Step 7, pick car up! It was a long day and I put 71 kms on the Golf trying to get everything done but I did it! I think I even surprised Keith!
As I said to Keith the other day, most days I feel slightly uncomfortable because I don’t know how everything works, but at the end of the day after you have done it you feel like you have learned something. Living here is making us grow, and as Keith said, there is nothing wrong with that!I couldn’t agree more!image


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