Christmas in New Caledonia


Well I am sure some of you are wondering where I have been. We have been busy doing all kinds of things, so now I have many blogs to write.

Merry Christmas! It’s December 25th here in Koné. We have had a pretty great Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, we still miss our family and friends but we have been a lot happier than we thought we would be. First off we decided to head to Nouméa for Saturday and Sunday. It was exactly what the doctor ordered! We shopped for Christmas, we relaxed by the pool, we played on the beach, we ate, we drank and just relaxed. It was fantastic!

Then yesterday morning we headed back home. We were invited to a party at the lovely Marie France and Marc Antoine’s.  Everyone was asked to bring a traditional dish from their home. We wanted to bring seafood chowder but we couldn’t get all the ingredients so meatballs it was! The food was incredible; hams, turkeys, prawns, chickens, vol au vents, salads and champagne. There were lots of families and everyone was away from their own families so I think we all felt the same. Santa came to see the children, we had a bonfire and fireworks! What a nice evening! It was so different from our regular Christmas that I think it made it easier.

This morning we woke up early to see what Santa had brought Seth…a new slide! We made a big breakfast and spent the rest of the morning Facetiming and Skyping. This afternoon is the big complex Pétanque tournament and then later on to my island momma’s house for Christmas Dinner! ( more on that later).

So even though its 30 degrees, there is no snow and its just us, it still has been a very Merry Christmas!

To all our friends and family, we miss you and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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