My island mama

I am so thankful for my island momma! Her name is Jean Daigle and some of you may know her as she is from Bathurst, and yes, she now lives in Koné with her husband Dave. She has been the most wonderful person to Keith, Seth and I.

Before the big move I must have sent her a hundred emails. She would answer each and every one,and if she didn’t know the answer she would hunt it down. When she was home in August we met and I  asked her all my questions and she told me what to bring, what to leave and what to expect!

Then when we arrived here she was waiting at the apartment with supper, wine and desert!   She calls to check on me and she will accompany me to places she knows I will never find! Last night she prepared a wonderful Christmas feast for us. It was delicious! We ate, had some champagne and she even gave Seth two gifts! We ended up leaving early when Seth put his blanket on the floor and tried to go to sleep, but what an evening. My only regret is that I did not take a picture of our meal!

I guess she is just another thing to like about this place! She is my island mom, when my mom is so far away!image


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