Cyclone Freda?

I seem to remember telling people before we left that it had been 6 yrs since a major cyclone had hit New Caledonia. We have been here a month on New Year’s Day and cyclone Freda is looking like she may come visit to ring in the New Year.

So this morning it was off to prepare for the possibility of the cyclone hitting. Water, batteries, flashlights, candles, some non perishable food ect. I guess those cyclone shutters on the windows are there for a reason! So far we are not under alert but as the storm moves closer we should know more.

I know that I should probably more worried but I have the same feeling as when a big snow storm is coming. Like you want to hunker down, eat and stay in your pyjamas. The difference being it is really hot and humid out, 33 feels like 42 anyone?

There are 4 stages of alerts for a cyclone in New Caledonia;

Yellow alert- Pre-alert

Orange -alert #1- cyclone warn has been issued, you have 18 hrs to prepare

Red-alert#2-the arrival of the cyclone is imminent-it is forbidden to travel, do not go outdoors.

Grey-alert#3-the cyclone has passed

Lets hope we don’t need to have any alerts! I’ll let you know what happens!Image


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