imageI feel like I have been waiting days for cyclone Freda to arrive and yesterday she did! It started with Keith not being able to get to work because the road was flooded. Our entire complex works at KNS so a lot of men were walking around in there work clothes trying to figure out a way there. Take the back road? Nope, flooded too! So we had to sit and wait.
After lunch the rain started pummelling us and the wind started picking up. It rained a lot, over 40 mm in two hours! The road remained closed. The power would flash on and off but it remained on. It got pretty wild around 3 o’clock and it continued until around 6. At six the sky cleared and the sun came out! Everyone went outside and chatted, a rainbow came out, but we all knew it was not over.
Shortly after we went to bed it started to intensify again, after a few wild gusts Seth woke up and we moved him into our bed. Then Freda decided to show her true colours; pelting rain and strong winds raged for a couple of hours and then it calmed. At 4:30 Seth woke up and we did too. In the parking lot there were cars full of people. They had camped out the night! The road, by all accounts remained closed, still impassable.
I was starting to worry, I had lots of water, canned goods and supplies but I was starting to feel cut off. Then we lost cellular and internet service. Keith noticed cars driving by so we went to check if the road was open. Finally! The water was finally lowering enough to go through. Fast forward 5 hours later, the sun is out, the road is wet but has no water on it and the wind has calmed considerably.
I must admit at some points I was scared but we made out okay! And what I loved the most was watching all my neighbours help each other out. Just another day in my New Cal adventures!


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