Grocery shopping sur le caillou

The thing I heard most before we moved here was, ‘it’s so expensive”! It was in everything we read and all the people we talked to mentioned it. I have to admit it is more expensive. That being said some items cost much much less. Here are some examples; pineapple, kiwi, Brie, bread, Bordeaux wine, milk, butter, chicken (most) and rice are inexpensive. On the expensive side;  avocado, berries (if they have them), coffee, household goods,  and  toys (yes, I buy them at the grocery store). But like everything else in a new place you get used to it. The sticker shock wears off and you go about your day. We have to eat! And with Seth, we want to eat healthy and we all know that costs more no matter where you live.

Diapers need a whole separate paragraph! Omg! Omg! While I have said before that wipes were cheap, well diapers are not! A few things to know. Here in Koné they rarely have boxes of diapers. When they do it costs 4800 xpf ( remove the zeroes and add approximately 10% for the conversion to CDN)! Yes, you read that correctly! It works out to about 62 cents a diaper and if I remember correctly at home I paid about 30!

Carnivore friends you would like it here! Although it seems to be a bit more expensive all of the meat is so good! The beef is extremely good and so tender! I also like the fact that you go to a butcher counter. They can cut whatever you like and they can tell you how fresh it is.

Overall is it more expensive to eat? Yes, yes it is. Sometimes a lot more and sometimes not so bad.  But don’t feel to bad for me, I just came back from Leader Price and spent less than $15 on a bottle of wine and a wheel of Camembert ! Bon weekend!



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