My four new loves

My four new loves

Today is all about the food! I have to tell you about my four new loves! Every Saturday morning I treat myself to petit pain au chocolat. They are so good, basically a butter croissant filled with chocolate. And if you go early enough they are still warm! YUM! YUM! My second love is not nearly as exciting, sparkling water. For some reason in Canada I never really liked it that much. I don’t know if it’s the heat but wow it is quite lovely in the hot afternoon! Next up is something else to drink, this one is more of a treat, and no it’s not wine! It’s Schwepps Agrum’. Agrum’ is a wonderful blend of grapefruit, mandarin and orange mixed with some carbonation and I am sure sugar! I stumbled upon it one of our first days here. We went to a restaurant and I read Schweppes and immediately thought it was ginger ale ( ahhh how I miss ginger ale) But lucky for me it was tasty! And my four love is Rosé wine. I rarely would drink anything but red but again it’s summer and why not change it up? So Rosé it is! And I have found some nice ones!
There are many more things to love in New Caledonia but today is much to nice to sit and type, so we are off! Hopefully lunch will include one of these!


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