There are so many good things going on that I am too busy to write about them! I guess it’s a good sign! So rewind to Saturday night. Our Saturday nights have become something I look forward to. We have some type of meal and then a couple glasses of wine. This past Saturday we were invited to the Sauter-Hollingshead household for pizza! I was so excited to have pizza! And let me just say it might be the best pizza I have ever had! Adding to the fun is that their lovely daughter and Seth love to play together.

The pizza was out of this world and there was not one but four types. BBQ chicken, Margherita, sausage and the works. It was all so good! And our lovely host cooked them on the BBQ! I am sure what their secret recipe is for the thin crust but let me tell you before they leave this island I will find out.

Along with the fantastic pizza I must say the company makes the evening. Looking around and seeing Seth smiling and laughing makes my heart sing. I see Keith smiling too and I know I am. It’s funny how such big worries for the past five months have drifted away like an island breeze. I so thankful for our new friends and for my husband who convinced me that New Caledonia would be the right fit! We feel so blessed.


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