Whenever I taught second grade there was a money outcome in the math curriculum. We played with money, practiced identifying each one and practiced making change. Well, I just might have to head back to second grade because I don’t know any of the coins.

Things you need to know about the currency here;

1.  The currency is called the Comptoirs Français du Pacifique (CFP or XPF)

2. The most common bills are 5000, 1000 & 500

3.  The conversion is basically move the decimal two places and add 10%

I have never been so flustered when I get to a cash register. I usually use only bills because it takes me too long to dig out the right coins. This has resulted in me having huge amounts of change. And it seems the times that I do try and use the change, they always say ” you need 75 f” I feel like saying, yes. I know but I can’t find the coins!

Who knew that trying to count out 62f would be a battle! I guess practice will only make it easier.


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