The things I should have brought to New Caledonia

We just found out that after 7 weeks our cargo box is arriving Thursday! More on that Thursday. With this news I began thinking about what is packed in that box and more so what is not packed in that box. I understand that hindsight is 20/20 but there wasn’t a ton of information out there. So here are my top ten things I should have packed.

1. Oodles of sunscreen. Its’s expensive here and you need to wear it everyday.

2. More of my favourite shampoo

3. Mega strength, high humidity hairspray

4. My Sid Dickens memory blocks, a little taste of home and something to put on the walls

5. A set of luxury, high thread count sheets. They provide linens but that would make it cozy.

6. More of my brand of makeup, I thought doubling up was enough but I should have brought more.

7. A pair of casual sneakers

8. St Hubert Sauce, lol

9. Kraft dinner,  I only eat it a couple times a year but man it would be good!

10. our LeCreuset pan, again very nice pots and pans provided but this would be treat!

i must admit, I thought writing a top ten would be easy but after a few I was at a loss. These are not what would have been essential but more what I personally would like to have. And for the record, yes I said how things have changed! 



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