Happiness is in the small things

I realise that I have taken a lot for granted in my 33 (almost 34) years of life. I have always had everything that I needed and everything I wanted. My parents gave my sisters and I everything and are still giving. Lots of love, hugs and kisses and a strong moral compass. Thanks Mom and Dad! But what I am talking more about today are material things. I know that we come from a materialistic world but I think it should be labeled perhaps a materialistic North America. Don’t get me wrong, I like stuff just as much as the next person. But what I realised yesterday is that stuff doesn’t always have to be big or expensive.

if you know me well, then you know that every time Superstore would come out with new napkins I would rush to purchase all the designs. I even packed Christmas ones in my suitcase! So when I arrived here I was disappointed to see that they only had standard white. I have since found a coloured package, peach, not my favourite but I was happy. But yesterday was a great day! I headed off to Chez Tito, a little store that sells everything! After picking up my cheese and running around the store chasing Seth, I saw them. It was like a light was shining on them….a rainbow of napkins! Now, the before Island Kathryn would have bought all of them, but having changed my ways a bit I settled on two packages. We paid for our purchases and drove home. I smiled all the way. It was a three fold feeling of happiness. Happiness that I had new napkins, happiness that I had stumbled upon them and happiness that I was starting to appreciate the little things in life again. I know it’s cliché to say, less is more but I think less means realising that less makes even the little things so much more exciting and appreciated.

Another day, another smile. I really do live in this place. À la prochaine!


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