The crate!


Well the day I have been waiting for finally arrived, our air cargo crate was delivered at 10 am this morning. It was like Christmas, except it was a hot summer day in January!

In late November we packed everything we owned into boxes and suitcases. Most went into storage and six suitcases came with us, but that one big cargo box was meant to follow us and arrive later. It was hard trying to decide what would be important to us over the next two years. I packed it all onto the dining room table. Then we found out I was pregnant! Then we had to reevaluate. So swapped out were pictures frames and extra shoes for infant seats and bassinets. On November 27 they came and packed everything and we said goodbye to almost all our stuff.

As most of you already know the day after we landed in New Caledonia I had a miscarriage. It was tough, it being our first days here and being away from home but we supported each other and pushed on. So when I heard the crate was being delivered it was met with mixed emotions. Joy that Seth would have his books and toys but fear of how I would react opening those boxes and knowing what else was inside.

But this morning I must tell you was ALL joy! I felt like a 6 year old on Christmas morning! I couldn’t wait to tear into each of the 8 boxes. And yes, I do have two boxes of infant gear but I look at is as great packing for perhaps the future.

If living in New Caledonia has taught me anything it is that we must celebrate all the good things in life. So today, we will celebrate that tonight I can snuggle up with Seth and Keith and read as many books as we like. Now that is pure happiness!


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