A Saturday hike

A Saturday hike

Yesterday morning Keith, Seth and I went on a hike. We were invited by two of Keith’s co-workers. I was really hesitant for two reasons, first that it was quite hot out and second that it was a hike with a 16 month old. Yet, we decided to go. We have always said we want to see as much of the islands as possible in the short time we are here. So off we went. The waterfall is about 15 mins outside of Koné. We turned off the main road and drove in. The drive in was slow and had a lot of bumps. Once we arrived at the river we popped on the backpack with Seth and began the hike by crossing the river. My first thoughts were iif this is the beginning we might be in trouble. We walked for about 35 mins along the edge of the water. It was hot! Once we arrived we took pictures of the waterfall then Keith and Seth had a swim. Then we perched ourselves on the edge of the rocks and had a picnic.
It was a great couple hours. It was something I didn’t think we would enjoy but we did! On the hike back Seth fell asleep in the backpack and we strolled a bit slower. While driving home I pondered what we have done so far; four beaches, a weekend in Nouméa, and a hike to a waterfall. Not bad for our first 7 almost 8 weeks! With only more to come I am sure! Until next time!


One thought on “A Saturday hike

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences living in Kone Kathryn. You offer alot more insight to Island living as compared to my Marc who is living in the camps at the work site. He has sent many beach pics and mountain pics, but a womans view is very much more. Its so great to hear how much you are loving, and enjoying what this new adventure has to offer you. Continue to embrace it all!

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