Sarah, Daan and Yaya


I am sure that if you look at pictures that I post on the blog you noticed a little blonde cutie with Seth. Her name is Ava or as she calls herself, Yaya. Seth has taken to calling her Yaya too! And you guessed it, Keith was quick to jump on the Yaya train too! Yaya lives Tipenga #2 with her mom and dad, aka Sarah and Daan.
We have become close with Sarah and Daan. We share meals, picnics, beach trips and cocktails. It is so wonderful to have met people so fun only a few steps away! If I need anything, flour, eggs, basil ( Daan has quite the garden of it) they are always willing to help.
Yesterday, we planned on having a big Pétanque tournament with the rest of the neighbours but it was so hot and most of them decided to head to the beach. So, we were left with nothing to do. No worries here! Within a half hour Daan was preparing steak sandwiches and champagne for lunch! Ava and Seth bounced on the trampoline and played their games while we enjoyed our fancy lunch. Both little ones were tired after lunch so off to bed they went while we chatted on the patio. Then we came up with our second plan, a roast beef supper cooked by Keith. We ate like kings and watched the sun go down as the duo played trains.
As we tucked Seth into bed later that evening I noticed how tired he was. He had enjoyed a full day of playing outside. I thought of how spoiled we were not only to have met such wonderful people but for all six of us to enjoy each others company so much. So, thank you Daan, Sarah and Ava for making not only Sunday but New Caledonia so much better!


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