Everyday when I wake up I think, “what are we going to eat for supper tonight?” It is part me loving food but also a big part of the day, deciding and then finding and buying the ingredients. You can rarely just pick a recipe and head out with your list. It’s more like you head out with a couple ideas and a couple lists. This gets easier everyday, as I am starting to know what stores have what and what day they have it.

Today I was feeling a bit blah! I have a cold and I just had no good ideas for supper. I strolled the isles of each shop, but I still had no ideas. I called Keith to see if he had any good ones. Something simple he said. Hmmmm, what would that be. I settled on steaks and salad. And then it came to me. Salad with ranch dressing! But wait, that does not exist here, when in doubt, google it! I found lots of recipes but many of them called for buttermilk and/or sour cream. I kept searching. Sure enough, I found one, on a blog. Another woman, in another country with limited ingredients. I scanned the list, check, check, check! So tonight we will have steak, with salad and ranch dressing.

2T of dried parsley

1t each of dill, garlic powder and onion powder

1/2 t each of basil and pepper

salt to taste

Combine and add to 1/3 a cup of mayo and 1/4 cup of milk

( I added a dash of cayenne and a small squeeze of lemon)

Et voilĂ !


One thought on “Improvise

  1. If you mix creme fraiche with a bit of lemon juice, it almost has the same the flavour as sour cream.
    I can’t remember if you have a Casino up there, but they have an “American” sale sometime between May and July…they bring in lots of different items from the USA.
    I’m thinking that you don’t get to Noumea often, but when you do, check Casino Johnson as they have a lot of Australian items that would be more like “home”.

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