Danny Burgers and Poutine

Danny Burgers and Poutine

There was no health food at our house last night. We had homeade Danny Burgers! The Sauters were beginning their R&R ( vacation) and we wanted to make them supper on their last night before their three weeks away. So Keith and I decided Danny Burgers were in order.
We were lucky enough to get the recipe and Keith took Seth shopping for the ingredients. He went to 4 stores and found everything! Some of the ingredients had to be substituted and played with a bit but they turned out pretty good! And what better than Poutine with your Danny Burger?
The best part about making them though is the fact that Keith ran into someone from Bathurst while buying the ingredients, he told them what we were making. Mmmm, I haven’t had one in a while he said!
So there you have it Danny Burgers have reached the South Pacific! And they were good!


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