Yesterday we decided to take a drive to Koumac. It’s about an hour and a bit north of Koné. It’s know as the last service centre of the north. The drive was not bad and it was a hot, hot day.
Once we arrived in Koumac we checked out the Main Street and were pleasantly surprised at how different some of the architecture is from Koné. Most of the houses have some type of siding on them while the houses here are most often stucco.
We decided to go to the Monitel Hotel for lunch. They had a beautiful poolside patio and pizza on the menu! Something interesting about the motels in Koné and Koumac is that if you buy a drink or meal then you can swim in the pool. This concept is so foreign to us but it is a common thing to do on Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed our pizza poolside. The owner had a dog and Seth loved patting it after lunch. It is also interesting to note that a lot of the fly in fly out men(Fifo) go and do this too, since Sunday is there only day off. So while enjoying our lunch it is not uncommon to hear many other languages.
After finishing our lunch we decided to skip the swim and go find the beach. Although we found it Seth had other plans…an afternoon snooze. So we contented ourselves by driving to the marina and scouting out the restaurant there.
We drove home as Seth snored and arrived back in Koné around 3pm. It was a very nice, relaxing day.
I am sure we will return soon to Koumac, we would love to check out the wine shop and maybe have a picnic at their beach. Until our next adventure!


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