A day in my life

Yesterday I commented to someone that my life here is pretty similar to home. I thought that Keith probably found adjusting to his new work life much more difficult. While I still believe this to be true I started to ponder, what do I do everyday? And now that I have thought about it, it is a bit different. So here is my typical day in Pouembout-Koné.

The day starts much earlier here with the whole house buzzing by 5:15. Keith gets Seth up and changed while I make coffee. Keith heads to the shower and my day begins. I pack Keith’s lunch and give Seth his bottle. Then I prepare the coffees, one in my big blue mug and Keith’s in his crappy $15 travel mug, it leaks so I always give him a paper towel! 

Keith shows up ready just in time, he wears his fluorescent yellow Koniambo shirt. We say goodbye and he is off before 6! Then I settle in and have my coffee while I check emails and read CBC news. The rest of our morning consists of me making breakfast (same as home), cleaning up (same) and working out ( definitely not the same!) and then deciding on what to make for supper(similar) Seth heads for his nap around 9 and I make the grocery list and usually write my blog. When Seth wakes up, its a quick snack and then go time!

This is where I notice the biggest change in my day, I usually hit up 2-4 grocery stores and ALWAYS,  OPT, the post office! What I am waiting for in the mail changes but it can make my day if there is something there! Hint! Hint!

The rest of my day is pretty mundane. Lunch, nap (for Seth, not me) prep supper, laundry etc Then we head for a walk around 4. This used to be the time Keith arrived home. We used to eat between 4:30 and 5! Now Keith often arrives between 5:30 and 6:00 and we eat then. Supper is mostly eaten outside because it has cooled off by then and the view is spectacular.

After Seth is snoring we often share a glass of wine on the patio and watch the moon rise. It is incredible! It doesn’t move slowly like in Canada. It races up into the sky! Then maybe some TV on the sling box and off to bed.

Our life sounds so boring on weekdays, but I love it. I like contemplating what to make for supper or if I will have to substitute ingredients. I like saying hello to the cashiers at Leader Price each day. And believe it or not, I like eating later in the evening. So I guess I might have been fibbing saying life had not changed. It has, but I kind of like it!


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