Got milk?

Welcome to the land of UHT milk. That is right, here on the island there is no fresh milk. Your choices are powdered or UHT. This has caused great debate in our household. We started trying all the brands of UHT and found one that was okay. Then I was introduced to another brand, it was better but still not “milk” to me. I use it in my cereal in the morning. Keith refuses to drink it. The big issue is Seth. What do about his milk intake? I nursed him until he was 14 months but had to quit cold turkey once we arrived on the island. We bought him toddler formula. He loved it, no issues. The formula is inexpensive compared to Canada, 1080 CPF a little over $11. Then I began the process of trying to switch him to the UHT milk. Well, let’s just say, he is really not interested. He whines and cries and throws his cup. A simple no thanks would be nice. I have looked online for information on UHT milk versus formula and what I have come to learn is that by most accounts the toddler formula is better until he is two. So I guess I will keep buying it until then.

Back to the debate, why no fresh milk? There are cows! No market for it? Is it too hot? So I set off to do some research.These were the questions I needed to find answers to in regards to the “no fresh milk” issue.

Q:How do they make yogurt then?

A: with powdered or UHT milk

Q:How come I can buy cream? In the fridge section?

A: Haha! Fooled you, it’s UHT cream!


A: Imported or still a mystery!

ImageWhy there is no fresh milk is still being researched. I need a real answer. And believe or not there is even an urban legend that one expat had a source for fresh milk, but left the island without giving away her secret! Hmmm maybe I could by a cow?


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