Another car purchase


Originally we thought that one car on the island would be fine. Wrong again! Who were we kidding? I have had my own car since I was 19 and Keith the same. So after some discussion we settled on buying a second hand, small car.

There are many used cars to choose from. There always seems to be someone leaving the island. They have a local paper called “Le gratuit” which houses all kinds of adds for everything! And apparently on the mine site there are lots of adds. It was there that Keith found his little work car, low kms, compact, good on gas( well, really diesel) and it was the right price! The only catch was the people were only leaving January 31st.
Surprisingly January 31st rolled around quite quickly and yesterday we were able to pick up the car. It’s a Renault Clio, 4 dr, standard with “air clime” and that’s all we needed.
Purchasing a second hand car is not difficult it’s just like everything else here it takes some effort. First the car must have a control technique done by a local approved garage, then the seller must fill out the déclaration de vente d’un véhicule d’occason”. Then they sign the carte grise (registration) and date it when sold. Then we fill out the déclaration de vente d’un véhicule d’occasion( buyer). After all of this paper work is completed we assumed that you would go to the motor vehicle and register the vehicle in your name here in Koné, but no, there is only one office in Nouméa. So, the next step, which you have 15 days to do is either make your way to Nouméa or you can mail all the forms, with identification, a cheque for the amount, a self addressed stamped envelope and proof of dwelling to the office. We are still trying to decide what to do since we are heading to Nouméa next weekend. But I have a feeling I should just mail it. Although the process sounds difficult, it’s mostly just paper work. And the great thing is that all the forms and the steps are available online at
Last night we moved the car seat to the Clio and took it for a spin, it’s little but I like it. I felt like I fit in in my little French car.
So there you have it, our world is in order. I have my car and Keith has his and we don’t have to buy winter tires!
Bon weekend!


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