Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Today we hit the beach for the second day in a row. We decided to go back to Plage de Poé just south of Bourail. Poé is my favourite of the beaches we have visited thus far. The sand is white, the water turquoise and warm. It’s about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Koné. We time leaving to coincide with nap time and he sleeps all the way!
Today it was hot and there was very little wind. There were no kite surfers like last visit. We found a spot and settled in. Seth swam and swam! He loves the water. Keith brought along his snorkel gear and he was anxious to head back to the reef. As he was getting his flippers on he convinced me to wade out to the reef with him. Hmmm? With Seth? But the water is really not that deep. We swam out, Keith started seeing fish and handed me the mask. I was unsure, I am not big on things touching me in the water but I figured I better try at least once. It is the second largest double barrier reef in the world. So I tried it. It was amazing! Incredible! There were zebra striped fish, white ones, purplish finned ones, yellow ones and blue. I kept searching for Nemo, a clown fish. I could not believe how cool it was. After about an hour of trading back and forth Seth and the snorkel we head back in. We ate our picnic lunch and watched the waves roll in. Friends arrived and wanted to snorkel as well. I was ready! I had to see that clown fish! Back out we went as a family. Seth now kicking his legs and floating. We spent another good hour snorkelling and swimming. But I did not find Nemo. But that’s okay, because now I have a good excuse to go back.
I drove home while my boys snoozed. I thought about who I am becoming living on this island. I have tried so many new things. I have pushed myself to not be afraid of being uncomfortable. I thought of Seth’s look of amazement when he realised today that he can let go of me in the water. There may be days when we miss home but then there are the ones like today, when all I can think is, we are so lucky. Hope your weekend is just as special!


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