Remember when…

I have taken over 600 photos since we arrived 10 weeks ago. That’s a lot of pictures! I keep snapping away on my iPhone. It’s makes it easy and you can upload them so easily.I am so happy I purchased one before we came. If you are planning on moving to New Cal or just planning to visit I highly recommend purchasing an unlocked one. All I had to do when I arrived was purchase a SIM from the OPT and then load my phone with a prepaid card( carte liberté) and I was off! So easy compared to Canada! It has a great camera! Why am I taking so many pictures you ask? Well, mostly they are for Seth. When we arrived Seth was 14 months old. When we leave, if all plans remain unchanged, he will be a little over 3. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember anything from that time in my life. But luckily my parents have lots of pictures and have shown them, and explained them to me. I plan on doing the same! 

It’s hard to believe Seth won’t remember the white sand, the mountains and the turquoise water. I ask myself often will he remember any of it? Probably not but we will have the memories and we will re-tell the tales of New Caledonia. We will be those annoying parents that say, ‘remember when…” I wonder what the photo album will look like? How many pictures will there be? What memories are still to be made in the next 22 months? I look forward to see what will come next! 


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