A weekend in Nouméa

A weekend in Nouméa

Every 5-6 weeks we like to try and go to Nouméa. It’s about a 3 hr drive from Koné. Going to Nouméa is like going on a Carribean vacation for the weekend. It is so relaxing and the vibe there is much more cosmopolitan. There are tons of cafés, bars and restaurants. It is a bit more difficult to do things with Seth but we always manage!
This weekend we stayed at the Royal Tera Beach Resort. It is a beautiful spot! A pool beachside, a spa and three restaurants. Upon arrival they greeted us with a fruit cocktail. We had a one bedroom suite that was beachside, so our balcony overlooked Anse Vata. It was pure bliss. Seth swam for hours in the pool Friday and Saturday. We took short breaks to got for a walk to the park, to stroll the shops in Anse Vata and have lunch but most of Saturday was just hanging by the pool.
As for eating, our second favourite activity in Nouméa, Friday night we put Seth to bed and then Keith went and picked up some Thai food. We ate it on our patio overlooking the bay. Saturday lunch was the always easy with kids, Pizza Pasta. For supper Saturday we knew it would not be as easy. Seth goes to bed at 7 and most restaurants only open at that time. Luckily for us we ate a fantastic meal at La Pirogue right at the hotel. It is hands down the best meal I have had since arriving in New Cal! I had the bacon wrapped scallops with a soufflé type side, while Keith enjoyed the beef tenderloin with cones of sweet potato. For dessert, I enjoyed the tiramisu (hey it was my birthday) and Keith the café gourmand, which is a selection of desserts prepared by the pastry chef. I must admit, I was jealous. It was incredible!
The only other thing we like to do in Nouméa is go to the ‘big’ grocery stores or hypermarchés as the are called. It’s here that we stock up on things we can’t find in Koné and look for odds and ends. We love the Géant Casino in Ste Marie and we usually hit up the Carrefour at Kenu-in on the way out of town.
It was the perfect weekend! Good weather, good food and good times. All I could think as I sat on the balcony sipping my glass of California Cab( I know, it should be Bordeaux, but somethings I just can’t change!) was I want my friends to be here and see this place. This island is pretty amazing and we would love for you all to be here! We will be waiting for you!

*Side note* Thank you to everyone out there reading the blog! I have passed 5000 visitors! I can’t even believe it! So thanks!


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