St Valentin

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I must admit the hoopla of North American Valentine’s day was not missed. A few stores were advertising Valentine’s specials but it was definitely way less than we are used to. Some really sappy music on the radio but I didn’t notice any Valentine’s cards for kids.

Keith and I decided that our fabulous weekend in Nouméa would be our Valentine’s Day gfit to each other. I was happy about that. Really what kind of gift do we really want or need? We did exchange cards and Seth and I made cards as well. I am not sure how much of the making Seth did but he did manage to scribble on the inside of them.

Being so far from home I missed my mom calling to wish me a Happy Valentine’s day and her decorations. She always has stickers and hearts everywhere. We also missed my godson Jack’s card he sends by mail for Seth. But don’t feel too bad for us. I did have three Valentine’s. Seth, the sweetest little man, my wonderful husband Keith and the Fitzpatrick ladies sent me a third. A picture of them with their cat Penny. Penny used to be our cat but they were so kind to give her a great home when she could come with us.She looked so happy with her new family!

So to all my friends and family out there, especially my mom and dad, Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you!


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