Lazy Sunday

Every weekend since we arrived we have tried to do something new and exciting. Well this weekend, this girl was warn out! We opted for a relaxing weekend and we enjoyed it!
Friday night we toasted Valentine’s Day together with some BBQed steaks and California Cab. Mmm! We spoke to our friends the Parrots who live in Australia and have booked their flight to come visit! Yay! Saturday we played trains, read books and decided to head to the beach in the afternoon and Sunday we decided to be lazy.
Well, lazy to me used to be staying in my pyjamas and watching TV. This lazy Sunday I decided we would make donairs. Donairs, for those of you that don’t know are sliced meat (beef) from a spit, served on a pita with donair sauce ( a sweet garlic sauce) with lettuce, tomato and onion. It’s an Atlantic Canadian thing. The only problems I had to overcome were; there are no pitas, no donair sauce or donair meat. Hmmm, when in doubt, Google it! Sure enough all the information was there, right at my finger tips. Making the sauce was very easy, and the meat takes some time but is also pretty easy but the pitas, were another story. I looked at tons of recipes online. So much work! Then I stumbled upon a blog where the author said the dough is almost exactly the same as pizza dough! Could this be true? I was sure going to find out! I skipped over to the fridge to get out the 2kg of pizza dough we had just bought from the bakery to freeze for pizzas later. I figured it was worth a whirl. Basically you roll your pizza dough into a rope, cut it into 10-12 pieces and then roll them into balls, cover for 10 mins and then roll out. You cook them in a 500F oven, with the pizza pan heated as well. Cook for 4 mins one side, flip and two additional minutes and you are done! Except you have 11 more to do! Haha! I must say they turned out really well.
Later in the day our neighbours returned home from their 3 weeks vacation much to our delight. Seth toddled over to see Ava and we all visited. We invited them for donairs and I think they were a hit. Next time more spices in the donair meat, but overall really good. And now that I think about it I was kind of lazy, I kept my pjs on until 3!
Until next time!


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