Craft Day

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A couple of weeks ago Sarah and I chatted over a cup of coffee. We talked about how we would love to have more activities for our two cuties. After some discussion we decided we would create our own activity, a craft hour. Sarah was heading to Australia and offered to pick up supplies and I promised to get some good ideas of things we could make.
Fast forward three weeks and today we had our first craft time. We invited one other mom and child, Sarah and Zoé as our test audience. It was so much fun. Seth is a bit young for it but I figure it’s an activity that he can grow into.
This week we made a hand fish. You trace your hand and cut it out. Then turn it sideways to create a profile of a fish. Then the kids decorated then with glitter, pom-poms and feathers. They turned out really well! I was so happy helping the little ones pick out what to put on their fish. I am glad that we took some iniative and started our little craft hour. Next week we plan on doing it again. It just goes to show that no matter where you live you can always have lots of fun with some imagination.


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