Rainy day

I have never really wished for a rainy day. I have definitely wished for many snows days, but never rain. Well I have done it. I wished that today would be a rainy day. The last couple of days have been overcast here in Koné. No blue sky or shining sun, just grey clouds. Seth has 3 teeth breaking through and there hasn’t been much sleep at the Flynn residence. And after last night all I could dream of was a rainy day. A day were Seth could sleep and I could slow cook some spaghetti sauce. 

My wish came true this afternoon. The rain is falling. Not gently or steadily. Here it rains hard, almost violently. Big, huge drops that fall with great impact. I have never been so happy to see rain. Seth is snoring loudly on the monitor, it’s dark grey out and the smell of garlic is in the air.

 My thoughts have been drifting back to Canada a lot today. First of all because they are having a big snow storm. I remember what Keith and I would do on Riverside Drive in the snow. Light a huge fire in the fireplace, turn the lights off, cook something in the slow cooker and then watch the snow fall. We would always discuss whether there would be school for me the next day or not. And Keith always had the enthusiasm of a kid. Maybe it was because his parents were teachers too. But he was always optimistic that it would snow enough. I miss the snow. My thoughts are also drifting to thoughts of Tim and Layna. Our close friends we have left behind on Riverside Drive. They are expecting their second child any day now and how I wish I could be there. My only hope is the baby is born at night and that they will call, it being day time here. 

Today, I welcomed the rain, it was my snow day. A day to slow down, read a book and reflect on the quietness around me. So to my friends back home, enjoy your quiet snowy night and I will enjoy my rain. And tomorrow when the sunshines again we can go back to our busy days! 


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