Settling in

The traffic circle in Koné

The traffic circle in Koné

Today as I was scooting around Koné, I realised that I am at ease here now. I no longer drive the two hands the wheel, I know where to park, or which way is the fasted way to get somewhere. I know what stores are open at from 12-2 and which are not and most of all I have developed a shopping routine.
Today being Friday, I was preparing for happy hour. Seth and I headed out. First stop everyday, the mailbox. I check it out and see if there are any treasures to be found. Nothing today. Moving on, to the bank. I park in the parking lot, snap up the stroller and we wheel down to see the familiar face of the teller. We do our business and walk down the hill to le Centre and Ets Roes. These are two grocery stores that face each other. There are always a ton of people in this area, and I hate trying to back out of the parking in the front of each, so walking is much easier. We zoom into the Centre straight back to the butcher counter. We are greeted by the sweet woman at the counter who says hi to Seth. She knows its Friday so I wanted 3 steaks. I pick up a few other things and Les Nouvelles calédoniennes, the local paper, as I do on Fridays.
Then off to Roes for cheese and wine. Then we walk back up the hill to the car. As we come out of the parking lot I head down to the traffic circle and head back towards home. But we are not finished on our Friday tour, one more stop in Koné, it’s at the little picnic park where I pick up two rotisserie chickens avec sauce from the truck. She greets me with a smile and we discuss how hot it is today. Bon weekend! And Seth and I are off again.
And as I drove away from her truck today I realised something. This is home now. I know the people who work in the stores. We say hello to one another. The vegetable man at Discount knows we speak English. The lady at the butcher says, aurevoir to Seth because she knows he can say it and the ladies at Leaderprice know I drink cream in my coffee.
It was a good feeling today. Like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. That feeling of not belonging to anywhere has fled. This is home. This is where we belong for now. Bathurst will always be a big part of us, but New Caledonia will be a piece of the puzzle that makes us, us. So, where ever your home may be, enjoy it this weekend.
Bon weekend!


One thought on “Settling in

  1. Hi Kathryn, love you little adventures. Thought I would pass on today Super Value have 2 containers of Strawberries for $3.00. Product of Mexico. But we also have 3 feet of snow from the last 2 days. Have fun you guys with this adventure.

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