Our first doctor visit

I have been a zombie for the last few days. Seth has not been sleeping. Our nights have been long, lonely nights of crying and restlessness. Seth has had a runny nose and fever, that I blamed on the three teeth that are piercing through his swollen red gums. But last night his cough worsened and Keith found him raspy. The decision was made that I would take him to the doctor this morning.

Another day, another new adventure. I called Sarah who told me of the two doctors offices and there whereabouts. I settled on going to the Doc who could speak English, just in case I didn’t understand all of the vocabulary. We arrived at 7:10am, we were not the first there, 5 people ahead of us. The doc takes no appointments. There is no receptionist and you follow the honor system for who is next. We waited for about an hour. You go in the front door and out the back. When it was our turn we entered and sat down. The Doc was very nice and I explained the cough, runny nose and rattle. Right away he asked me, “are you Canadian? From Québec? Or Toronto?” I explained that I was Canadian but from neither Quebec or Toronto. He checked Seth from head to toe, he was very thorough. Then he explained that it was not teething, nor a common cold but bronchitis AND a throat infection. I felt like the worst mom! Here I was thinking it was his teeth. He explained that he needed to see the kinesiologist aka the physiotherapist for them to help loosen the fluid in his lungs and he would also need FOUR prescriptions!  Yikes! I paid him cash, since we pay up front and are reimbursed, a little less then $50 and thanked him. He was so kind. He also warned me of the “epidemic” of Dengue Fever he was seeing in the community. He received 12 faxes while I was in his office, all positive results for Dengue. He said to make sure to protect Seth and ourselves with insect repellent and lots of it! 

Next stop was the pharmacy. Not what we are used to with makeup counters, groceries and diapers. More so a pharmacy counter with some sunscreen, insect repellant and other odds and ends. The pharmacist filled my prescriptions and wrote the instructions on the box with a pen. No printed label with instructions here. She explained them all and the dosage, we paid, $30 for all 4 and off we were again. 

Once we arrived home I changed the little boo into his pajamas  and gave him his drops, sprays and spoonfuls. I texted my good friend, a pharmacist and mom and asked her all about them. She explained them all and I felt better. It was an eventful morning, but all is fine now. I know Seth is on the mend and I survived yet another first in New Caledonia.  So I guess while Seth is sleeping I should go make some chicken soup! Some things are just universal when you are sick!


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