Another weekend in Nouméa

On Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Keith. “Pack your bags! We are going to Nouméa!”
I must admit I was kind of shocked, we were just in Nouméa three weekends ago. We try and spread our visits out about five or six weeks apart. But the weather forecast was for rain and the thought of being cooped up in our small apartment with Seth for the weekend was not something I was looking forward too. It didn’t take me long to pack up.
A few hours later we arrived in Nouméa just as it was getting dark. The street lights were coming on and the dinner crowd were just hitting the restaurants. After a quick stop at a wine shop, the only place allowed to sell wine after noon on Friday, we checked in at the Promenade. We usually stay at the Royal Tera but they were full so we opted for Le Promenade. The room, while a bit dated, was large and spacious. We fed Seth supper and he then asked to go to bed. After he was sleeping we began the task of trying to find somewhere that does takeout. There are lots of restaurants in Nouméa but very few that do takeout. We settled on some Thai, which we ate on the patio. We planned out out Saturday, as it was supposed to rain; grocery store in the morning and then the aquarium.
On Saturday morning when we woke up there was not a cloud in the sky and it was blazing hot! We decided on a quick stroll on the beach followed by breakfast at Le Faré Palm Beach. We sipped cappuccinos and fresh squeezed juices and had a croques gourmand, think croques Madame with bacon and tomato. It was a gorgeous morning and it was relaxing sitting under their big white sail canopies. We leisurely strolled back to the hotel with our full bellies. We decided it was pool time but the pool was ice cold! A quick change and we were off to the grocery store. We decided to change it up and head to Casino Johnson which is situated near the cruise ship port. Seth snoozed in his stroller while we picked up a few things like pine nuts and tortillas. As we left the store we noticed a kitchen supply store across the street. They had everything from pans to giant pots to pastry brushes. It was amazing! I could have bought so many things!!! We returned home with our goodies and decided to have lunch beachside and then try the pool again. This time it was a bit warmer but not that much. We had a swim and chatted with some other expats whom had just arrived for a two year stay but they were here with Vale-Goro. So much nickel on this island!
Our Sunday was again sunny, where was this rain? So we headed for the outdoor market. There are tons of fruits and vegetables, clothing, jewellery and fish. We settled on some fish and we were then off to Fly to buy Seth a play tent for his room.
As we packed our bags for home I felt different this time. Less angst about going home and leaving the city. I was happy to head home with far less groceries or purchases then the times before. It was a wonderful weekend and I am sure we will return again soon and maybe next time we will finally go to the aquarium…if it rains!


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