Waiting for news

Today has been a long day. I have been waiting for news from our close friends Tim and Layna. Layna is now over due for their second son. She is being induced and the wait is killing me. This is the most homesick I have been yet. These are the things that I always knew would be hard. I knew when we said good-bye on December 1 that I would miss this day.
I remember so well when their first son was born. I thought I would bust trying to finish the work day so I could go straight to the hospital to see him. He was so beautiful and precious. I will also never forget when Seth was born, just before midnight. The next morning at 7:30, I could hear the click clack of Layna’s high heels marching down the hallway. I won’t get to rush up to maternity to run in and scoop up that baby boy. This is the part of living abroad that kills me. The missing of those precious moments in our friends and families lives. I know they will send me lots if photos and we will FaceTime but it won’t be exactly the same. I won’t be able to give them that hug and see the joy on their faces. I won’t smell that sweet smell of a baby. Argh! But then I think of what living here is giving us. We will return home soon. I will pick up that baby, I will still know their joy.
Fast forward 12 hrs and its 1:45 am here, I just received the news, the baby has arrived! He is gorgeous! I am so happy for them. I wish they could see that my heart is a glow with joy for them! How I miss them all. Congratulations Tim, Layna and Big Brother Jack! I love you guys! I will see you all soon.


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