This morning we woke up to no running water. A lovely way to start the day. For me it meant putting off laundry, darn! But for Keith it meant going to work unshaven and with no shower. Not the best start to the day. Luckily, we don’t drink the water in the apartment so we had some on hand for drinking. It wasn’t long before I started to realise that this problem needed to be fixed quickly. The dishes started piling up and the toilet was not able to flush. It’s hot here so leaving dishes in the sink is usually not an option. In a tropical climate leaving food out for any amount of time leads to one of two things, spoilage or ants, neither welcome visitors in my house.
I sent a text to Sarah, did she gave water? No. Then an incoming text from my other neighbour, did I have water? No. Then a knock on the door from another neighbour, Avez-vous de l’eau? Non. It was becoming pretty clear the whole complex had no water. Hmmm, I scanned the yard for the builder. This building is not complete.They are still working on two more units. He was no where to be found. I finally found a worker, oh sorry, the builder is gone to Australia for a week and we don’t know what is wrong. This is when momma bear started to panic… a week! No, no, no.
Fast forward a couple hours…the company that takes care of the expats has investigated, we have running water again BUT it is not drinkable, phew! Having no water really makes you think about the conviences we live with. Having running water is a given in my world but it is not everywhere. So I will appreciate the fact that I can do the dishes and the laundry today. Another day, another adventure in New Caledonia!



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