Some like it hot

Today is sunny and hot, 28 degrees to be exact.I think there have only been a few rainy days since we arrived 3.5 months ago. The question I get asked most by friends and family is, “how is the weather?”
I know that everyone that lives in a climate like Canada dreams of never ending sun and warm days. I have spent many January nights frozen, dreaming of summer and warm temperatures. But I am here to tell you the truth about living in a tropical climate.
I have never been so hot in all my life! It is hot here, most days in the summer (winter for the Northern hemisphere) are between 30-35. Now, add 80-90% humidity to that and you are HOT! During the first 6 weeks I was here whenever I would open the door to outside I would be hit with a wall of heat. It would take my breath away. And then I would immediately start sweating. I thought I would have to buy shares in an deodorant company. We kept the air conditioning cranking full tilt 24/7. My neighbours would visit and be cold. Cold? It’s a gazillion degrees outside! I would sweat walking from the car to the store. Slowly but surely two things have happened to aid in my heat induced haze. First, we have turned down the air conditioning. Having it set so cold makes it hard for your body to adjust. Now it’s set at 25 and doesn’t run constantly. Someone at work told Keith to do it and it has helped. Secondly, is that we are coming into fall. The temperature is between 27-32 most days and that has given me a slight reprieve. It’s still hot but now it’s manageable.
Something else I have notice and I am almost embarrassed to say is that in the morning, when the sun is just starting to peek up over the hills, I find it chilly! And,this is the bad part, when I check the temperature it reads 24. I know, I am Canadian, I have felt -35! 24 degrees is a nice day in August! Don’t get me wrong, I love the weather here. It just takes a bit of adjusting. The endless Summer I dreamt of, really is as good as I thought it would be! Evenings on the patio, BBQing everyday, the beach in January, no snow to shovel, it really is quite nice!
So, if you ever plan on visiting New Caledonia don’t forget a few things your shorts, flip flops, a hat, some sunscreen and deodorant, you’ll thank me later!



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