Koné is like the United Nations.There are so many people from so many different countries here. There are the local people, Melanesian/ Kanak and Caldoche. There are people from France aka Métropole. We know people from Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Holland, Austria, the US, New Zealand, India, Romania, Finland and of course Canada. But there are even more nationalities here, Chinese, Thai, German, Dominicans and I am sure more that I have failed to mention. This creates the most interesting trips to the grocery store on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s not uncommon to hear three or four different languages. Everyone buying different things. Some people speak one language, others two, some three or even four. I love the diversity.
In our building alone there are 9 occupied units with 6 different nationalities that I am aware of. I wish we could all fly flags! Imagine the rainbow!
Everyone here is different but they are almost all are here for the same reason, Koniambo. I think often of my life in small town New Brunswick. How closed off I was from the rest of the world. I don’t think I was ignorant of other cultures but I sure had not experienced so many in one place. I love the kaleidoscope of people here. I love meeting people and hearing about their lives. It is something you cannot buy. You have to experience it! It makes me not only happy to have come for our own reasons but now to live an experience so rich. Sometimes one adventures causes you to stumble upon another! How incredibly lucky we are!


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