After our day inside waiting for Cyclone Sandra to arrive, which she never really did, I was happy to wake up to sunshine. Our apartment is small and add a rambunctious 18 month old to the mix…watch out! Sarah suggested a trip to the library, not the Koné library but the expat library. I was excited at the possibilities. I was very curious. What would this library look like?
Well, let me tell you it was fantastic. A whole room in this lady’s house full of books. Mostly English books, what a treat! The walls are lined with all donated books! You buy one on vacation and are finished with it you can just drop it off. Magazines? Same thing. She also has puzzles, games and DVDs. She opens the library every couple weeks and you just stop in. I chose a couple food magazines and a few novels for Keith. In chatting with the “Librarian” she asked me the inevitable two questions that everyone asks, “who does your husband work for?” And “where are you from?”

I replied,” Canada”
“Where in Canada?”
“New Brunswick”…her response, “me too!” She and her husband are from Florenceville and Hartland! Wow it really is a small world!
So with books in hand, Seth in tow and a smile on my face we set off for home.



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