Lazy days

Okay, let’s get serious! Most of my blogs are about doing things on the island or making stuff, but in reality, a lot of time here is about having very little to do. Take today for instance, my groceries are done, supper is planned, laundry is drying and Seth is napping. It’s 9 am, what is a girl to do? I could iron some clothes or maybe baking something but instead I am reading a book in my pyjamas and drinking coffee. I am feeling lazy. Sometimes trying to fill the time with things to do, leaves you with little time to actually do nothing! So this morning, I am doing just that.
The French are gifted at knowing how to relax. Most Saturdays and Sundays involving a picnic, a nap or reading a book. They are so good at just enjoying life. I notice often that I can’t stop doing things, I need an activity or a mission. While I see the local people just relaxing. When in Nouméa we often see families with a picnic lunch just spending the day at the beach, the parents aren’t building sandcastles or inventing games, they are relaxing. It’s so different from what we are used to. Or in the evening after the beach they share a cocktail while the children amuse themselves on the lawn next to the bistro. No one is rushing, c’est le weekend!
And here I am again, vowing to just relax this morning but instead I feel the need to get something done. I feel the ‘you have to do something’ guilt creeping up. You should write a blog my little voice demands. You have been neglecting it. And so once again, I have let the coffee get cold and my book lie still. I guess I need more work on learning to relax!



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