Island Fashion

This morning as I was sipping my coffee and Seth was watching Thomas ( his new love) I flipped through the pages of Australian Cosmo. I came across the latest trends for Autumn, yes Autumn not Spring. It got me thinking about New Caledonia fashion, and what I have decided is its three categories, Nouméa, Local and Expat.
The local women, that live in the tribes, wear dresses. These dresses are colourful and often flower patterned. They are long and often have a decorative hem and collar. When I am out shopping I am always amazed at how many colours and patterns there are.
The Expat ladies mostly wear shorts, t-shirts, tanks and casual dresses. There are no heels here! Flip flops and sandals only! I guess the 6 pairs of heels I brought will go home pristine! The flats are much more practical considering that not all parking lots are paved nor are the all level. Broken ankle? No thank you! Accessories here are what can make your outfit, earrings, a belt or maybe a bracelet let you add a little personality to your look.
And then there is Nouméa, depending on the area is a bit dressier, a bit more metropolitan.
Men…hmmm, well when the VKP men are out of their fluorescent KNS uniforms it’s shorts and t-shirts. There seem to be no ties or suit ever worn here. Probably because of the heat. But enough about the men!
Today, La Vie en Rose, a local clothing shop will open its new store at the shopping centre, Téari. It was to open yesterday, but it didn’t and as we were peaking through the barrier yesterday, it looked gorgeous! Big windows, with well dressed mannequins. I wonder if it will up the ante?
I must say though that not having to wear socks, hats, mitts, jackets, boots, and yes, even high heels is refreshing! So as everyone back home enjoys another snowstorm and all the clothes that go along with it, I think I will slip on some shorts, a tank and my flip flops and enjoy my carefree day, and maybe even do some shopping!



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