Is this really an island?


Sometimes I forget that I live on an island. And I more often than not, I forget that I live on an island in the South Pacific. Why would I forget these things, you ask? Well probably because in Koné and Pouembout you can’t see the water. Both of the towns are inland. There are nearby beaches and it only takes a few minutes to see the water but its just not visible in my everyday. 

Before we moved here I had visions of living a beach life, spending lazy afternoons shore side and having our feet full of sand. The reality is that everyday life gets in the way of my mirage of beach life. Keith has to work, I have to run the house, naps, meals and laundry often fill our days. Not everyday can be a day at the beach.

Yesterday, after exercise class, three loads of laundry and a trip to the post office, I decided enough was enough! It was hot and sunny, and we hadn’t been to the beach in at least three weeks. I grabbed the beach mat, beach bag, packed some water, and changed into our swimsuits. It was already 3 o’clock. Hmmm, should I still go? I quickly sent a text to Sarah. I am going to the beach is this a crazy idea? Nope, give 5 mins, I am going too!

Fast forward thirty mins…(I needed gas) we were off. It wasn’t two minutes from home and I could see the turquoise water. Ahhhhh! Maybe it’s because I grew up by the water or maybe it’s just because I love the beach but something about seeing the water puts me at peace. 

We spent only about an hour and bit a the beach but it was exactly what I needed to refuel. I do live on an island! There are glorious beaches that I can go the year round! i just have to make the point to actually go there! Seth must have liked it too. He fell asleep in his car seat on the way home and slept in almost by two hours this morning. 

I guess what happens wherever we live is that we take for granted what is right next door. Whether it is a ski hill, a lake, or a beach, sometimes our everyday chores get in the way of what could be an hour of bliss!


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