The Easter Bunny comes early

On Wednesday the Easter bunny came to visit the Flynns. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the Easter bunny rather an email asking us to come visit our house! And as I predicted, it was an exciting moment!
We had already been told it was in Bellevue, a subdivision that is growing on the northern outskirts of Koné. The appointment was made for the end of the work day for Keith. How would I be able to wait all day!
Eventually, the time came and I nervously drove to Bellevue. I suddenly had so many fears. What if it was terrible? Had no yard? Was far from what I expected? What then would we do? We followed Roselyne to the driveway. Hmm? It was a shared driveway. My hopes were slowly sinking. The feeling in the pit of my stomach appeared. I let out a breath. Wait, I told myself. We walked around the side of the house first, to the backyard. It was nice! I could feel the tension loosen in my shoulders. Seth immediately started running around the yard. I was so happy! A yard to run and play. A place to burn off some of that 1.5 year old energy! We made our way around to the front of the house and walked in the front door. With one step, all of my fears vanished! It was beautiful! A new home with a large, bright living room and kitchen, a powder room, four bedrooms ( one with an ensuite) and a mudroom to the garage! I immediately started decorating in my head. Colours, furniture placement, art work it was rushing through my brain. In the meantime, Keith, being a bit more practical than me, was checking for air conditioners, screens, doors and appliances. Seth? He spent most of his time running up and down the hall and dancing in the living room!
I want to shout yes!! Keith was more reserved.
It was surprisingly a quiet drive home. Keith was deep in thought. Hmm what was he thinking? We stopped in at Sarah’s to show her the pictures. She was excited, like me. Still no word from Keith. Finally I burst! Was is wrong with it? ‘Nothing’, he replied, ‘was just planning the outside in my head’!
So there you have it. We have a house! After 17 long weeks we can start to settle in! We now will wait for the furniture to arrive, the electricity to be turned on and it to be cleaned and then we will move! It could take until the end of April, but I am just so pleased that we have somewhere to call home! It was well worth the wait! Have a wonderful weekend enjoying Easter in your home.



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