A night out

This Easter weekend we headed to Nouméa. Not a big surprise that we headed to the city. We stayed yet again at the Royal Tera, which we discovered is no longer part of the Tera group and has been renamed the Chateau Royal.
This trip was a bit more exciting for a couple of reasons, first was that we were travelling with Sarah, Daan and Ava, second was that we were shopping for our new house and third was that Sarah and Daan offered to babysit Seth so we could head out for supper.
After a glorious day by the pool and a big day of shopping the day previous, I will admit I was a bit low on energy for the big night out. But I figured the opportunity does not present itself often so I better dig deep. The first decision of where to eat was tough, so many restaurants to try and many of them not toddler friendly. We debated, Baie des Citrons? Anse Vata? The hotel? It came down to me scrolling through Trip Advisor. I read the review from the night before, good food, beautiful setting and they had seen a dolphin?!? I was sold! I immediately called Le Roof and reserved a table for two.
We decided to take full advantage of the babysitting and head out for a pre-dinner cocktail. We both wanted to go to Étrave. Many times we have walked by their cool, bright coloured chairs and thought we would love to stop. But we have always been pushing a stroller. It didn’t take me long to realise that after 17 weeks of little separation from Seth, I would have to ease into the evening with no responsibility.
After we finished our drinks we strolled leisurely along Anse Vata bay, taking in the sights. We arrived a few minutes after 8 and walked down the walkway, over the water. Le Roof is situated in a traditional style hut over the water. The middle of the restaurant is open to the water and the tables are set around the perimeter of the structure. We were seated at a wonderful table, overlooking the city and water. I had not even sat down when our waiter pointed our to the water…le dolphin! There he was, the dolphin! He was swimming after fish and surfacing for air. Along with the dolphin there were small sharks, a ray and some small fish. We spent most of our meal sipping wine and watching the dolphin play. It was a lovely evening. We walked slowly back to the hotel breathing in the less humid, evening air. It was a great evening out, alone for the first time since we left home. Thank you Sarah and Daan for making it happen!



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