Decorating, island style

Now that we have seen our house and know that we will be moving this month, I have started the process of decorating. Our house will come furnished with mostly everything that we will need. We are responsible for the curtains and ‘decor’. I have really missed having things on the walls and personal touches that make a house a home. So, for the past week I have been hunting and gathering.
If you know me, this is where I am in my element. Shopping for home goods is what I consider a sport. Yet, I knew I would have to make some adjustments to my approach. First thing to consider, I can’t take anything big back to Canada at the end. No chairs, big artwork or carpets. Secondly, things tend to add up quickly, so keeping it thrifty but chic would be important. Third, this is a small island, selection is limited.
Let the games begin! I felt like the horn had blown in the Hunger Games! Off to Nouméa, in 5 hours we went to 8 stores! Seth was a trooper, as was Keith. In the end of our tour, we had bar stools, a wire rack, a chair, a playroom carpet ( yes, I know) a table and chairs for the playroom, 8 clocks( more on that later) and no curtains. It was a good first round.
Back to Koné this week and I have continued my hunt. I have figured out that many websites do not ship to New Cal. But I have realised that almost all Etsy stores do! So, I have added the Etsy app to my iPad and while Seth sleeps, I shop…or bargain hunt!
So there you have it. You can decorate your home in New Caledonia. You may have to be creative and think a little outside the box. I can’t wait to get it all done and show you the results!


One thought on “Decorating, island style

  1. So many great places to shop…but definitely some are not cheap! We found curtains (relatively cheap) at “Home” (located at the top of place de cocotiers in noumea).

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