A day adventure

Yesterday morning, we were up early. We had no real agenda for the day. The sun was shining, with not a cloud to be seen. Hmm, beach day? We decided maybe, but where? Instead of making a decision we packed the car with beach stuff, a picnic and shopping bags. We could end up anywhere.
We decided to first go and check on the house and see if there was any progress. That in turn led us North.
We headed North on Rte 1, past Koniambo and Voh, then on to Koumac. In Koumac we stopped at two grocery stores as we had heard that they sometimes have a better selection( which they did). We packed our arborio and basmati rice in the trunk and off we went again. Where to? Seth was now sleeping. So we kept heading North. We knew that there was the Malabou Beach Resort( we are going there in two weeks) but we knew there were beautiful beaches as well. So we drove. We drove over one lane bridges, over roads that were part washed away and around curves and twists in the road. Where were we? Where would we end up? The thing about New Caledonia is that signs are very limited. There is no sign saying Beach. We did a quick spin into Malabou to check it out( very nice!) and the back out. There was a map of the Northern area. We consulted it, yes there was a beach…somewhere. We continued to drive,we saw a sign Bora Bora Camping…let’s head that way. We pasted another beach…keep going? Sure!
Finally, we ended up at the campsite/beach. We paid a man $5, if he owned the place, who knows! And headed to the most beautiful white sand beach. There were a couple people setting up tents but absolutely no one on the beach. So, we ate our picnic, played in the waves and swam with the fish all by ourselves. I looked up and down the beach. It was so beautiful. I thought of how much people would pay to vacation on this beach. Hundreds? Thousands? And here we were enjoying it for $5, only because we could stay the night if we wished. After a couple hours we packed up our beach mat and sandy feet and headed for home. It was a beautiful day. I hope that 20 yrs from now when we are back in Canada I will be able to remember our adventure to Bora Bora Beach.


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