Catching up

A lot has been going on here in our little apartment in the last 4 days. Some great and some not so great! It started on a high note Sunday, when five families met to celebrate our friend Marie France’s accomplishment. She wrote and had published an article in La Presse, a Montreal paper. Her article was about travelling to the island of Vanuatu and visiting an active volcano. It was a lovely afternoon with great food and friends! was a lovely afternoon with great food and friends! On Monday morning things took a turn from good to bad. Around 9 am I came down with the gastro and then Keith did as well as Seth. Insert 48 hrs of yuck. As all of this was taking place my car was taken to the garage for the vibration it has had for months. We come to find out that it needed two new tires! Not what we wanted to hear but, none the less, they were replaced. But like everything when the clouds parted what was left was an email that we had been waiting for…a moving date! We move next week! So it’s been a busy but good last few days! We’ve had some ups and downs but overall it’s been pretty good! To add to my excitement this morning is the fact that I have a whole box of stuff that has arrived from my parents! I can’t wait to see what is in it. I have lots of adventures that I have yet to tell you about and lots coming up so stay tuned! 20130410-073145.jpg


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