Suitcase of love

This past week I received a suitcase full of things from my parents. This suitcase was filled to the top with all sorts of things. Napkins, toys, Easter bunnies, clothes, manicure kits, trains, coloring books, you name it, it was in this bag.
When you live so far from home you realise that not only do grams and gramps miss their grandson but they apparently miss spoiling him as well.
But amongst all of the stuff was something bigger and better than all of it. You couldn’t touch it, but you could sense it. It was the love put into choosing the items. I could picture my parents picking and choosing each of the items. The thought behind each carefully selected item. It was awesome! It was a gift that I loved. So thanks Mom and Dad! I miss you and love you lots!
A big thank you to Marc, for bringing it to us!


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