It never rains but it pours


The last five months have in some ways flown by and at other moments I thought it would never end. Waiting for our house has turned into a longer than expected wait. At times I was very patient and at other times not patient at all but alas it’s almost moving day!
This weekend we spent time packing bags, throwing things out and planning how exactly we would set things up. Six of seven suitcases are packed, the strollers are ready and the toys ready for their new home. My thoughts trace back to November and the last time we packed these bags. I feel different this time. So much less afraid of the future and much more aware of where we are heading.
Yet, as we prepare for our move I have other fun things on the horizon that are just as exciting. It never rains, but it pours? The Parrotts arrive next week, a mere few days after the move. We have not seen them in 6 years! In that time they have had a child and Keith and I have gotten married and had Seth! How fitting it seems to be seeing them as our adventure is just really getting going. The last time we saw them, they were headed home to Australia, after their adventure in Canada.
Now you think, wow, lots of excitement! But wait there is more! Soon after our dear friends leave we are off on a short holiday to Brisbane! Phew! So much going on!
It makes me laugh to think that there were days were I dreamt of some type of excitement and now here it is all happening at once!
But we are K & K and we would never wish for it to be any other way. Keith is planning everything to a T and leaving me lists a mile ( oops sorry km) long!
So, there will be many new adventures in the coming weeks. Hopefully you will have time to hear all about them! I better go, that last suitcase is waiting.


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